Happy anniversary Ostomy Outdoors

Today is the one-year anniversary of Ostomy Outdoors. I can’t believe it has already been 12 months since I wrote my very first post! I never imagined when I started this blog what a big part of my life it would become. I am so thankful for all the things that keeping this blog has taught me and brought to my life… including so many new friends. Thank you all for reading, commenting, emailing me and continuing to inspire me with your stories and experiences.

Today ended up being the perfect day to celebrate this anniversary, as I got some amazing news. The MRI results on my hip and pelvis came back showing absolutely no bone damage– including no problems from prednisone and no stress fracture. Turns out what had originally looked like a fracture on the x-ray ended up being nothing. What did show up on the MRI though was a uterine fibroid. I already knew it was there, as my surgeon had told me about it after my ileostomy surgery. However, it has gotten a bit larger. The orthopedic surgeon thinks it may be hitting a nerve and causing my pain, so he referred me to ob/gyn for further evaluation. If they feel the fibroid isn’t an issue, the orthopedic surgeon will refer me to one of his colleagues that specializes in lower back injuries to see if something might be going on there.

My doctor also said that, depending on what I can tolerate pain-wise, I can go back to any workout activities I want to and it will not cause any damage. This news could not have come at a better time because yesterday I was really in the dumps. I had discovered that my body decided to vote its canine tooth team member out of my mouth due to a strange autoimmune response and that tooth extraction may be imminent. (I will write more about his in a separate post.)

But fibroids and teeth issues matter none to me now. I can walk! I can run! I can climb!!! And how does one celebrate an anniversary and such great news? Chocolate? Wine? Both good choices, but what I really wanted to do was dance. I drove to the gym from work intent on making the 6:30 p.m. Zumba class. I threw on my neglected workout clothing, grabbed some water and barged into the fitness activity room at the gym. Oops- there was no salsa dancing to be seen. Instead, people were spread out in meditative yoga poses and didn’t seem too happy with the interruption. In my excitement over the good news, I had completely gotten my days mixed up. Yoga is on Thursday and Zumba is on Friday. It was too late to join in on yoga, so I did 20 minutes of elliptical instead. I didn’t care what fitness activity I was doing. It just felt so good to move my body. I realize now how much I rely on exercise to reduce my stress, and how much not moving much had increased my anxiety and tension levels.

There is one more reason that I am so overjoyed with this news: I will be able to get back out on the trails with my video camera. I have so many outdoor activities planned for the summer that I want to film and write about. Here is to the next year of amazing adventures for all of us!

Me on the snowboarding trip in April 2011 that inspired the idea of Ostomy Outdoors.

8 thoughts on “Happy anniversary Ostomy Outdoors

    1. Cary, I remember in the beginning when I was incredibly nervous about sharing my story so publicly. Knowing that I have made a difference in people’s lives makes me so glad that I got over those fears and decided to write about my experiences. Your words mean more to me than you could ever realize. Thank you so much.

      1. Couldn’t resist another chance to thank *you*. If my words have half the meaning to you as yours have meant to me, then I realize with crystal clear awareness the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual value conveyed. It’s impossible to thank you enough, so I’ll stop. From now on, know that my unending gratitude is implicit in our wonderful connection, in our bonded friendship.

        And to Darren — spot on. This IS what it’s all about. Respect! Thank you!


    1. Thanks Darren! Yeah- the tooth issue is a real bummer. It is something called root resorption. The tooth looked healthy on my last x-ray in September. It has never had a cavity and suffered no trauma that I can think of except braces long ago when I was a teen. Apparently it has just suddenly decided to attack itself from the inside out. My dentist is trying some things, but said it may come to extraction. I will definitely be writing about it soon once I have a follow up with my dentist and know more.

  1. Our congratulations to you on the anniversary of your blog. Your optimistic view of life and your smile made so much difference for our family; it’s hard to describe how fortunate we were to find your blog.
    I’m happy for you that you can go back to your running, hiking and climbing. Since we are also gradually getting back to our running and hiking, maybe one day we will meet you somewhere in the wilderness or even compete on one the races.

    1. Thank you. It means a great deal to me to know that I have helped your family by sharing my story. I am so glad to hear that you are all getting back to running and hiking. After doing some light workouts the past couple of days, I am realizing that running may still have to wait a bit until whatever is causing the pain resolves, but I know I will be back to it soon. Hiking is feeling great for now though. Hopefully we will meet up out on the trails some day. I unexpectedly crossed paths with an Ostomy Outdoors reader in a local restaurant several months ago, so you just never know:)

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