Happy holidays everyone! (feat. new video)

Homemade lasagna is about to come out of the oven, my wine glass is full, and my body is feeling wonderfully worked out after spending a glorious Christmas day flying down the slopes on my snowboard. Doug and I quickly put together a little Christmas video covering the adventure (and a special thanks to my hubby for editing it all during the short commercial breaks during the Green Bay Packers game). Basking in the Colorado sunshine, hanging out with my sweetie and being elated to do something I love so much became the perfect equation for the silliness in the video. It was an amazingly fun day, and I am blessed to be feeling so well again.


I hope you all had a joyous holiday season with those you love. I also send my thoughts out to those who are still in the midst of illness or recovering from surgery. May the upcoming year bring bright days for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Happy holidays everyone! (feat. new video)

  1. Heidi!
    Chrissy and Max here! Your snowboarding feats are legend! I am so thrilled that you two got some time to snowboard and be together on Christmas Day and that you are feeling the strong, healthy, and happy Heidi I know you to be.
    I also spent the day on the slopes at Alta but we have very little snow right now. Hoping to see you guys soon. Max sends a big woof to you.

  2. Glad to see you so happy and energetic 🙂 and it was cool to see Doug in the video!
    I hope you both enjoy the last week of 2011 together and bring in 2012 with a bang 🙂

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