5 thoughts on “Thank you, Healthline!

  1. I enjoyed reading about your hiking trip to the peak on awareness day. I am having CD brain fog and can’t remember which peak or which awareness day but I really love your resolve to stay in the real world and to strive to increase awareness. Your transparent nature warms my heart. I have a hard time sharing my disease with anyone, much less colleagues and I admire your bravery in sharing! Thanks!

    1. Hi Rosie,

      I am glad you enjoyed the post. Being so open about my ostomy was definitely a process and took some getting used to. In the early days when I had UC and when I was just recovering from surgery, I was afraid to talk about it. I thought people might treat me differently.

      However, in the almost-five years since getting surgery, not one person has treated me negatively due to my ostomy so that has helped build my confidence and helped me realize that there are really no negatives to being so open about it. In fact, not only have I been able to help strangers but I have had close friends approach me with questions to help their relatives or other friends. Had I never been open about it, they would have never even known to come to me for help. That said, I can also totally understand why some people would choose to keep it to themselves. It is such a personal decision and everyone needs to do what makes them comfortable.

      Hope you are having a great summer! I have been doing a lot of outdoor trips and have not had time to update my blog in a while. Hopefully I can get some new content up soon.


  2. Heidi, I love your blog. I do not suffer from this disease, but I recently got involved with the CCFA Team Challenge here in San Diego. I’m running the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in November 2015 to support Crohn’s & Colitis. I’d LOVE your assistance (and your audience) in helping me reach my fundraising goal. Please view/share my personal page. Good luck on your journey and I’ll continue to keep reading.


    ❤ Christine

    1. Hi Christine,

      I am so glad you like the blog! Thanks so much for running the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in November and raising money for the CCFA. I have a policy of not advertising fundraising projects on my blog as I just get too many requests and it is difficult to manage. However, please feel free to post your information on my Facebook Timeline at https://www.facebook.com/OstomyOutdoors. Best wishes with the Marathon!!!


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