Will you help by answering a survey?

WEGO Health is a social network of bloggers and tweeters who are actively involved in health online. It’s a platform for committed health advocates to foster new relationships, gain access to helpful resources, and to grow their communities.

WEGO Health asked me to share a survey with the Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis communities to make sure that they get as many patients and caregivers involved as possible. The survey will take about 10 minutes. Will you please help?

Take the survey.

As a thank you for each survey, WEGO Health will make a $1 donation to a charity of my choice.

Thank you for helping!

2 thoughts on “Will you help by answering a survey?

  1. As a urostomy patient, I don’t believe my input will be of benefit. Please advise if that is not the case.

    1. Hi Les,

      The survey doesn’t have to do with ostomy types. It is more a general survey on the online communities you take part in and how they influence your health decisions. You can definitely take part if you would like.


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