Another view of Heidi’s story

My name is Doug, and I’m the lucky one who is married to Heidi, the champion of the effort called Ostomy Outdoors.

When Heidi started this blog six months ago, I didn’t imagine that I would be writing in it myself. You see, I’m not an ostomate. But I live with an ostomate, and I’ve become intimately familiar with a whole new world of experiences, vocabulary, and feelings related to ostomies, surgeries, and recoveries.

We digitally recorded a happy moment between a painful wound-packing session and a slow recovery walk last winter.

I found out from Heidi that it’s not just people considering ostomy surgery who are reading this blog and watching the videos. Some readers are people like me: intestinally healthy friends, family, and acquaintances of those who have IBD, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, and/or ostomies. So, I figured it was time to diversify the writing a bit on Ostomy Outdoors, and try to provide not only a different perspective for this readership, but possibly serve as a sounding board for the “others” who are in the lives of readership.

After a sort, I’ve been through the sickness and the surgery process too, just from a few feet away and in a different body. I’ve seen the blood and the poop and the sweat and the tears (sometimes my own). I’ve been in the hospital, listened to and waited for the doctors, and asked questions. I have dressed the wounds, removed stitches, and helped change appliances. I’ve seen 6 inches of bright red abdominal wall without the usual covering of skin. But most importantly for me, I’ve been next to Heidi for a long, long time and I’ve had front row seats at some really good “firsts.” First walk after surgery, first climb, first hike, first backpack trip, and even first beer. There are some other good ones in the pipeline, but I won’t give away the surprises for you, dear reader.

I don’t imagine I’ll be as prolific a writer as Heidi, but you’ll see my name on the posts every so often, and I’ll do my best to maintain the standards set by my wife, the toughest person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I welcome your comments and questions.


6 thoughts on “Another view of Heidi’s story

  1. I really enjoyed reading your comments, Doug, and Heidi is very fortunate to have a partner, like yourself. The whole process is not an easy one, and sometimes you do feel that you are by yourself, dealing with the everyday ritual of the ileostomy . I also have a lovely husband who has been throught all my ups and downs. I do appreciate all the times that he has been with me. You are both on this journey. Thank you

  2. Hello Doug…
    I am a new comer to all this but I have just read your words about what you have been through supporting Heidi+you have inspired me.

  3. Hi Doug,
    It is great to hear about your experience as the partner of someone who has seen really serious health problems and who has found their way through them. The carer’s experience is just as harrowing at times and just as triumphant at others. I look forward to reading more from you both.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and contribution, Helen! I haven’t written anything in quite a while, but it’s great to know that my ancient blog post is still useful and interesting for people.

      I’m looking forward to reading more on too!

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