Transformation of the tresses

No, I am not growing a winter coat like all the elk, deer and mountain goats I have seen on my recent outdoor excursions. All the hair I lost after my final UC flare and surgery is finally growing back! I was never sure if the losses to my tresses were due to the myriad of drugs I took for the disease, the rigors of surgery, malnutrition, and protein loss due to the flare or just stress in general, but between 3 and 7 months post-op,my hair fell out in mass quantities. Everyday, innumerable strands would plug up the shower drain, make my fleece jacket look like a Chia Pet, fill my comb, and make me wonder how there could be anything left on my head.

One day this summer when I had my hair pulled back, I noticed a transformation. All over my head were tiny sprouts of hair coming up. In the ensuing weeks,  it began to look like I had a second short hairdo hiding underneath my remaining long locks. Though I am sure it will take over a year for these strands to catch up to the rest of my mane, I am happy to know that some day I will be wandering the mountains with my thick braids again.

So, if you have lost some of your hair after surgery, fear not. It does return!

Here comes the new hair!

3 thoughts on “Transformation of the tresses

  1. Thank you so much. My hair is falling out too. I am encouraged that it will come back. Your blog helped me so much.

    1. Hi Phyllis,

      I am so glad the blog has helped you! Yep– It took a while but my hair finally grew to be its previous length and is back to the thickness it used to be pre-meds and surgery. It was funny because the first inch or two of the new strands were curly, but then new growth after that was straight as my hair had always been before.


  2. It is so refreshing to hear that others have also lost or had extreme hair thinning. I have enjoyed following your blog Heidi. Been very helpful to me and nay others.

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